Putting It All Together – 4

What is “a voice of warning?” I really thought this topic was a great one and we, as members of the Mormon church, should really take advantage of this blessing. We are warned all the time, through the book of mormon and through our modern day prophets and apostles, of things to come that we should really watch out for and avoid.

These next few scriptures, the Lord reminds everybody of the power he has given his servants to help spread his message.

“And verily I say unto you, that they who go forth, bearing these tidings unto the inhabitants of the earth, to them is power given to seal both on earth and in heaven, the unbelieving and rebellious;

“Yea, verily, to seal them up unto the day when the wrath of God shall be poured out upon the wicked without measure—

“Unto the day when the Lord shall come to recompense unto every man according to his work, and measure to every man according to the measure which he has measured to his fellow man” (D&C 1:8–10).

We, as members of the LDS community, have a responsibility to help teach and warn our neighbors and people all around us. We need to share the gospel so we can help bring people closer to God and give everybody an opportunity to learn and hopefully partake of this wonderful gospel. “That command and warning of danger was given to those called as missionaries at the start of the Restoration. But the duty to warn our neighbor falls on all of us who have accepted the covenant of baptism. We are to talk with nonmember friends and relatives about the gospel” (Henry B. Eyring; General Conference, October 1998). We all have that responsibility. Through us, we can share and teach the everlasting Gospel to people and potentially change their life’s in ways that some of us can’t comprehend. “Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor” (D&C 88:81).

I really have a strong testimony of this Gospel. This Gospel has been the rock in my life to keep me level headed and on track to return to live with our Heavenly Father because that’s really the purpose of this life, to live, learn, experience, and, through Christ, return to live with our Father in Heaven.


Magazine Project


Design a magazine cover with an article from any BYU-Idaho Devotional Talk or any LDS General Conference Talk.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)

  1. I looked up some magazines to help inspire lay out options when designing my magazine.
  2. Then, I rented a camera from BYU-Idaho’s library and spent a few hours capturing a handful of photos.
  3. After, I went into Adobe Illustrator and designed a logo to help make my Magazine spark. The logo I designed is the “V” for Vent Magazine, a magazine company name I made up.
  4.  Then I picked 4 photos and went into Adobe Photoshop and starting editing them to help them look more professional.
  5. I, then took that logo and those photos into Adobe InDesign and started designing my cover, my articles pages, and the back of my magazine.
  6. After all of that, I searched for General Conference talks to use as an article in my magazine.
  7. I put the talk into my magazine, formatted it, and then changed the font and text size.
  8. Finally, I put all the photos and text together, added text wrap, titles, colors, different fonts, page numbers, date and issue number.


I wasn’t able to make it to class on Friday, March 31st, so I sent my magazine to my sister who is a professional photographer to help critique it. She sent me a few critiques that really helped the design. First, she suggested I added a background color and that background color being a color from the cover photo. So I matched the color of the article pages with the color of the sky in the cover photo. She also mentioned that I should add the date and issue number the back of the magazine. Her last critique was that I should add a quote to the top of the page and change the font and font color of that quote so the article sticks out more and seems more appealing.


The magazine is for BYU-Idaho students and BYU-Idaho staff. The message of the article is to help the readers understand trials and afflictions that come and go in our life’s and how we can manage and get through them.


Students of BYU-Idaho and the staff of BYU-Idaho.


How to add color from one photo to the actually design/magazine, Color drop.


Black // Maroon // Dark Green // Dark Sky Blue


Georgia // Serif


Arial // Sans-Serif



Logo is my own // Images were taken by myself.

Lessons Learned (3/24/17)

This past week I have been testing a bunch of new keywords through Google Adwords to try and get more traffic towards my website. Google Adwords have been really good at suggesting keywords too, to help gain more impressions on my Ads. Below I attached a photo of how my Ad group “Matthew Rapp Music” is doing and what keywords have been excelling more than others.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.26.16 PM

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have been deleting a bunch of keywords that haven’t been getting any impressions or clicks. Next, I think I will be separating more keywords, creating more ad groups with keywords that have some sort of relation to each other, and creating more Ads to help draw more people to my website.

Here is a screenshot from WordPress Analytics that has provided me with good information on where people are going on my website and how long is everybody staying on my website.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.46.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.46.35 PM

I’m pretty happy with my results right now, considering how much traffic my website was getting before I started my Google Adwords campaign. I’m not satisfied, but I’m stoked about it. I’m gonna keep testing things out to see what works best and hopefully continue to spread my music/brand.

  • Website: MatthewRappMusic.com
  • Google Adwords: https://adwords.google.com/



Lessons Learned (3/20/17)

This past week/weekend, I really have been focusing on optimizing the homepage of each Ad I put on Google Adwords. I need to make sure that each Ad goes directly to the right page on my site, depending on the Ad.

I also need to make sure once they get to that page, the information I have on that page is intriguing enough for them to keep interest, possibly listen to my music and/or buy my music. A good way to do that is to add cool pictures, videos, and popular links like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, etc. so people can easily find my music else where, depending on where they prefer to stream/buy music. Below are pictures of what I added to my website so people can easily be entertained when navigating through my website.

On the ‘Music’ page, I added a Spotify music player of my Debut 5-Song EP for people to stream it directly from my website. Also, I feel like the most popular place to listen to music today is through Spotify. I also added links to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp for people to click on if they would rather listen to my music on another website/app.

On the ‘Videos’ page, I added a slideshow of videos from my Youtube channel so people can watch all my Youtube videos straight from my website. They also have the option to click on the video and choose to follow the video link that would lead them straight to the video on Youtube, if they’d rather do that.

I think the trick to getting people to listen is having the right options and an easy navigational site so people can find what they want to find really easy. Also, really making sure the website is up to date and as professional looking as possible.

Brochure Project


Design a brochure for a company that helps the person/customer understand what the company is, does, and/or sells.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)

1. First, I used my final logo from our previous logo project and dropped it into Adobe InDesign.

2. Then I started designing my brochure, using make up text and photos just to help build a scratch wireframe.

3. Then, I drew a final wireframe on paper to help guide me while designing the final brochure in Adobe InDesign.

4. Next, I started designing the brochure in Adobe InDesign. I wrote all the titles, body text, and imported all the photos and logos I wanted in the brochure.

5. Then, I placed everything (text, photos, logos) where I wanted them.

6. Finally, I added a gradient color to the brochure to make it more appealing for the reader.


I met with a couple people, in class yesterday (3, 17, 17), to help critique my brochure. The suggestions they had were really great because they were things that never really crossed my mind. One person suggested I aligned all the titles to the left instead of centering the titles. I really liked that critique because centering is something we should always avoid if possible. The other person suggested I added a photo to the front of brochure to help the reader understand what the company is and does. I went in and made both of those changes and I really feel like it helped my brochure look more professional and straight forward.


To help people understand what it is that “Feck” is, does, and sells.


All genders from 8 years of age to 55 years of age.


How to set up and design a brochure from scratch.


Cyan // Black


Georgia // Serif


Futura // Sans Serif



Logo is my own // All Images from http://Unsplash.com

Lessons Learned (3/15/17)

Lately, we’ve been really digging into and attempting to make our Ads on Google Adwords as effective as possible, trying to convert impressions to clicks and hopefully having a high conversion rate. Conversion rate is how many people turn into customers of your product from your ad(s). Some of us will not have a conversion rate, some of us will have low and high conversion rates, but I’m glad we are learning about it lately so in the future I’m able to keep statistics and know what’s working verses what’s not working.

We are also learning to make strong effective ads using Google Adwords with actual ads and Ad Groups, which consists of keywords that people will search for and when they search for it, your ad will pop up on google.

It’s been about 2 weeks since we started our Adwords project, creating ads and ad groups. Here is a screenshot of how well my Adwords group is doing right now (3/15/17):

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.43.00 AM

As you can see, there are keywords that are working better than others. My goal is by the end of the class to have a lot more keywords that work as well as the keywords that are working the best right now and then, in the near future, hopefully gain some new customers and fans through this resource.


Putting It All Together – 3

I’ve found this next topic I’ll be writing about something very special and dear to me. I’ve grown and learned most about this topic throughout my life, but I feel like it was meant for me to learn about this topic the most. The topic I will be talking about is The Gift of the Holy Ghost.

I have a huge testimony of the Holy Ghost. I feel like I would be on a totally different path right now if it wasn’t for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Not only has the Holy Ghost helped me with my decision making, but the Holy Ghost has also helped me avoid making wrong decisions and choices.

John chapter 14 verse 26 says, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” I love this scripture. The Holy Ghost is our personal compass, our personal instructor, and only wants to help us and guide us back to our Heavenly Father. I also love how we refer to the Holy Ghost as “the Comforter” because he really is our comforter. He is there to make us feel safe and comforted, and to help guide us through our daily lives and struggles.

“Revelations from the Father and the Son are conveyed through the Holy Ghost. He is the messenger for and the witness of the Father and the Son” (David A. Bednar). The Holy Ghost is there to testify, within us, of our Savior, Jesus Christ and of our Heavenly Father. The Holy Ghost is a special gift to us from our Heavenly Father to help us and guide us back to him. “As a member of the Godhead, and being one with the Father and the Son, the Holy Ghost is, as are the Father and the Son, omniscient. He comprehends all truth having a knowledge of [all] things” (Marion G. Romney). The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead and is the messenger between Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and us.

I truly believe that the Holy Ghost is there to help and to guide us back to our Heavenly Father. By doing that, he testifies, and whispers truth to us all the time. It is our Duty to become and stay worthy so we can value and use the gift of the Holy Ghost. I’m truly thankful for the Holy Ghost and all that he’s done for me. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.