Montage Project



Create an inspirational poster montage using a blend of images and type.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS Principles)

At the start, I wasn’t too sure how exactly I wanted to create this montage. I love reading quotes and poems so I had a few already in mind, but then I came across this quote. I read this quote in a very stressing time in my life. As soon as I decided to use this quote, I knew I had to make this montage a bit more personal. Here is the process I went through when creating this montage:

  1. I first found the quote I really liked.
  2. Then, I searched and found a picture online that I thought related to what I wanted the montage to say.
  3. I, then, used a personal picture of myself and blended both of the pictures in Photoshop to create the montage effect. I used the brush tool and a few layering masks to get the two pictures to blend well together.
  4. After, I added the quote with text and changed the font size and style, making sure I followed the design principles I was taught in class.

Critique Process

I met with a group of guys, Luke Andersen, Nick Bojorquez, Alex Socarras and they all helped critique the rough draft of my montage. They helped in critique my montage by giving their personal opinions on how I could make my montage better, but also critiquing the typography. Luke suggested that I blend the picture of myself into the other picture a little more and to try to get rid of a lot of the picture outside of my face. That really helped clean it up quite a bit. Nick suggested that I switch the face and the quote, aligning and placing the quote on the left side and moving the picture of myself to the right side. I tried it and liked it, but the weeds really got in the way of the quote and it made the picture of myself stick out more than the quote, and that wasn’t what I was wanting the montage to do. But I really liked his critique there and I’m glad I tried it so I could really compare the two ways. Alex suggested fixing the position of the picture of myself in the montage. He thought it would look better dropping the face and aligning the picture to the bottom of the montage instead of more towards the top. I really liked it when I tried it, but the weeds were really hiding the picture and made the whole montage seem crowded. So I decided to lower it a little bit without making it seem crowded.


An inspirational quote that really helped me get through a tougher time in my life.


People who really like to feel inspired and really need an uplifting message to help them get through a tough time in their life.

Top Thing Learned

Really paying attention to the opacity of the brush and how brushing a photo can really make the difference between a great montage and a bad one.

Color Scheme & Color Names

Analogous // Yellow, Orange, and Red

Font Name, Size & Category

Didot // 64 // Serif

Thumbnails Of Any Original, Unedited Image(s) Used In The Project

Source Of Each Image (Website Name)

First Image:, Picture by Michal Dzierza

Second Image:, Picture by Stephanie Rapp


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