Lessons Learned (3/20/17)

This past week/weekend, I really have been focusing on optimizing the homepage of each Ad I put on Google Adwords. I need to make sure that each Ad goes directly to the right page on my site, depending on the Ad.

I also need to make sure once they get to that page, the information I have on that page is intriguing enough for them to keep interest, possibly listen to my music and/or buy my music. A good way to do that is to add cool pictures, videos, and popular links like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, etc. so people can easily find my music else where, depending on where they prefer to stream/buy music. Below are pictures of what I added to my website so people can easily be entertained when navigating through my website.

On the ‘Music’ page, I added a Spotify music player of my Debut 5-Song EP for people to stream it directly from my website. Also, I feel like the most popular place to listen to music today is through Spotify. I also added links to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Bandcamp for people to click on if they would rather listen to my music on another website/app.

On the ‘Videos’ page, I added a slideshow of videos from my Youtube channel so people can watch all my Youtube videos straight from my website. They also have the option to click on the video and choose to follow the video link that would lead them straight to the video on Youtube, if they’d rather do that.

I think the trick to getting people to listen is having the right options and an easy navigational site so people can find what they want to find really easy. Also, really making sure the website is up to date and as professional looking as possible.


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